Sunday, May 20, 2012

Take It To The House Pt. 3

Well, remember the Dricki One Shot I did? I was asked to try to continue that, so I’ll take it as far as my imagination allows me. I haven’t posted a Dricki One Shot in a while anyways so it’s only right! Comments please!

It had been just about a week since Nicki and Drake were hanging out at his house. Nicki had a free day to relax. Safaree took a flight to New York to see his mother before he set out with Nicki on the Pink Friday Tour. Nicki was really bored; she gave Joyce, Terrence, and her stylists the day off since she wouldn’t need them. She sat in the middle of her California King Sized bed. She picked up her iPhone and scrolled down her TL.
@NICKIMINAJ: Barbz, I’m so bored :-----(
@NICKIMINAJ: He went to see moms in NY :-( -----> RT @OnikaTaughtMe__: Where’s Safaree at to keep you company Nic?
@NICKIMINAJ: Yes! Come over!!!! :p --> RT @NickiBarbPink: You want me to come over and cook for you?
@NICKIMINAJ: I don’t have my ustream partner! Duh barbz ---> RT @MayaInMoscow: Ustream day? :)
@NICKIMINAJ: Barbz!!! I’m gonna call up some cali fam to come thru! Ya digg.
@NICKIMINAJ: Come thru barb, zamn! ---> @Brooklenbarbie: I livee in Cali Nicki! :p
@NICKIMINAJ: *smooches* I’ll be back…
            Nicki got up from her bed and went downstairs to her kitchen walking over some boxes she didn’t unpack from moving into her new home. She searched for food, but she realized she needed new groceries. I’ll just eat out or something. Thought Nicki, suddenly she heard her phone go off – it was Drake.
“Hello Drizzy”
“Hey Nic, what’s up”
“Nothing, bored in a big new house all alone and hungry, how about you?”
“Bored in a big new house, all alone, and hungry”
“Oh shut up, you’re just mocking me”
“No seriously, that’s what I’m doing”
“Well seems like we both are having pretty boring evenings”
“Yeah, wanna come over?”
“Nah, last time…that big wine cellar, let’s not”
“Well, can I come over there? You don’t have a wine cellar or a pool” Drake laughed
“Sounds good, bring some pizza and some drinks!”
“Okay Nic, see you in 30”
            Nicki was actually excited to see Drake again, she ran upstairs to re brush her teeth from earlier in the day then searched through some unpacked boxes for a bra, considering she was in her usual evening wear, thong, t shirt, no bra. 30mins soon passed and there was a knock at her door.
“Hey Nic” smiled Drake
“Hey Drake” said Nicki as she kissed his cheek and held the door open for him.
“Nice place” said Drake.
“Oh, shut up, you’re just saying that because it’s still packed, you doof” said Nicki while shoving Drake into the kitchen.
“Why’d you ask me to bring pizza? I thought you don’t like breaking your diet” said Drake.
“It’s a Saturday night, I’m hungry, diets don’t count right now” said Nicki.
“Hey, fine by me! I got half peperoni, half cheese” said Drake.
“Okay, what did you bring to drink?” asked Nicki.
“Some Pepsi and Sprite” said Drake.
“Ha, I see what you did there. But when I said drinks I meant alcohol” said Nicki.
“I don’t want a repeat of last time Nicki” said Drake.
“Oh, hush. You know you’d love to feel these lips again. Shit, you’d love to feel another set of lips if I let you” smiled Nicki.
“You’re such a freak, have you been drinking already?” asked Drake.
“Sipping on a margarita, yes, sir, I have” replied Nicki.
“Oh gosh” replied Drake.
“Relax, I said A margarita, not several” laughed Nicki.
“I do have mix for another which will be put to use soon, I refuse to drink soda and break my face out” said Nicki.
“Whatever floats your boat Nicki” laughed Drake.
            The two began digging into their pizza. Drake sipped on his sprite and Nicki was busy dancing and shaking her butt in her kitchen making another margarita for her and Drake. The two then went into the living room and began watching a movie. Nicki still sipping on her margarita, not enough to get intoxicated just enough to give her a buzz; she stopped before she repeated her behavior from the last time she and Drake hung out.
“I’m so bored…” said Nicki lying on Drake’s chest.
She got up and walked into the kitchen, in the process her t shirt rose up and Drake caught a peak.
“Pull your t shirt down Nic” said Drake.
            She lifted up her t shirt and flashed Drake her underwear to be smart. Drake got up and ran behind her and hugged her from behind causing her to fall into a laughing fest.
“Drake stop, hahahaha, get off!” shouted Nicki.
“Fine girl” Drake let go of Nicki and she ran into the kitchen. She went through her cabinets and fridge trying to find something to eat. She found some grapes, grabbed them out of the fridge and sat on the counter. She began eating the grapes still sitting on the counter dangling her legs.
“Drake!” shouted Nicki.
“Yes, baby” smiled Drake.
“Oh, shutup, can you go get me my phones please?” asked Nicki.
“Of course, your room?” asked Drake.
“Yes, room at the end of the hallway up the steps on your right side” said Nicki.
            Drake returned momentarily with Nicki’s phones. He handed them to her and Nicki sat them on the counter.
“Catch!” shouted Nicki as she threw grapes into Drake’s mouth and he caught them. Drake grabbed some and threw them into Nicki mouth but she couldn’t catch them, she ended up with some down her shirt and on the floor. Drake kindly grabbed the grapes off the floor and disposed of them in the trash.
“Thank you Drake” said Nicki as she hopped down and shook all the grapes out of her shirt. Drake bent down and picked them up and pitched those as well. The couple walked back to the living room and plopped down on the couch. Nicki lay across Drake’s lap as he stroked her hair.
“So what do you wanna do now Nicki?” asked Drake.
“Let’s have a pillow fight! Grab the pillows form the guest bedroom near my bedroom” demanded Nicki. Drake followed orders and returned back to the living room.
“Okay, but we have to make this fun, there’s a special twist to this. We have to fight in our underwear. So take off your shirt and pants” said Nicki while staring at Drake.
“Uh, you too Nicki, take off your t shirt” said Drake.
“Ugh, fine. Don’t stare at me, I have a thong on” said Nicki.
“I’ve seen you in a thong before Nic, I think you’ll be fine” said Drake.
“Okay whatever, let’s start” said Nicki.
            The couple continued to pillow fight for a good hour or so, Drake got pooped and plopped on the couch. Nicki plopped right on top of him. Drake began rubbing her back. Nicki just sat with her eyes closed, though she wasn’t asleep.
“Nicki?” asked Drake.
“Yes, I’m still awake” said Nicki.
“Nah…you’re sort of making…nvm” said Drake.
“I’m sort of what, Drake? Making your dick hard?” said Nicki as she grabbed at his penis through his pants.
“Uh, yeah, let’s not do that Nic” said Drake.
Nicki grabbed harder. “Okay, Drizzy”
            Drake wanted pay back. He grabbed and fondled Nicki's butt.
“Ah, Drizzy’s getting brave huh?” asked Nicki as she scooted up causing her to rub against Drake’s manhood.
“Nicki, I don’t think you wanna play with me…” said Drake seductively.
“Oh but I think I do” said Nicki now in his face as she kissed on his abs. Drake forcefully sat up and grabbed Nicki’s face and crushed their lips together. They began making out on Nicki’s couch. A sudden rush of lust ran over each of them and they wanted each other. Nicki was sitting on Drake’s lap kissing Nicki and very concentrated at doing so. He then took he fingers and slid them across Nicki’s womanhood and teased her through her thong. He rubbed back and forth.
“Ahmmm” moaned Nicki against Drake’s lips.
Drake looked up at her, while moving his hands inside of her underwear and sitting them at the entrance of her pussy lips.
“You gonna let me…do that…to you?” asked Drake hesitantly.
“I wouldn’t be sitting on your lap making out with you if this isn’t what I wanted Drake, just stick them in” said Nicki as she grabbed Drake’s fingers and jammed them into her womanhood. Drake worked them inside of her as Nicki tilted her head back giving him access to her neck.
“Ahhhm, oh fuck”
“You like that?” Drake whispered seductively in her ear.
“Mmmm, yes, faster Drake” said Nicki.
“Like this?” asked Drake as he moved his fingers faster and faster in and out of Nicki’s pussy, slowly inserting a third finger. He laid Nicki down on the couch and stuck his tongue out and tasted her.
“Ohhhh, oh, oh, fuck” moaned Nicki.
            Drake loved the sounds of Nicki’s moans, especially knowing he was the one that was causing them. Drake flicked faster and licked faster dipping his tongue in and out of her womanhood. “Oh dear fu – uh – uh – ck, yes, faster” Nicki started pushing Drake’s head in her pussy. He kept his fingers inside of her and could feel her walls tightening. He kept going faster in faster until he saw Nicki’s eyes roll back in her head. Nicki grabbed Drake by his hand and led him up to her bedroom; she looked in her nightstand for a condom. She threw the condom at Drake.
“Put it on, I wanna go for a ride” said Nicki winking at Drake and strutting over to him. She pushed him back on the bad and climbed on top of him with her boobs in his face. Nicki began riding Drake’s manhood at a rhythm. Drake helped her by occasionally thrusting into her causing her legs to buckle against him. Drake thrusted.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCK, Drake” screamed Nicki.
“You like that?” smiled Drake thrusting faster and more forcefully. He laid Nicki down on the bed and opened her legs wide shoving his manhood softly with meaning in and out of Nicki. But Nicki wasn’t having that she grabbed Drake’s manhood and shoved it in and out of her faster. Drake moved her hand away.
“All you had to do was tell Drizzy you liked it rough Nic” smiled Drake he turned Nicki around so her knees were in the bed. He pushed his 9 inches into Nicki and out. He was going to perform the Drizzy three stroke on Nicki. He pushed again this time harder. Then there was a last time, Drake pushed inside of Nicki and she let go of her lip she was biting and screamed out.
“What’s my name?” asked Drake still working inside of Nicki.
“Drakeeeee” answered Nicki.
Drake pushed harder inside of Nicki. “What’s my name?”
“Drizzzyyyy Drake” answered Nicki.
“I can’t hear you” said Drake pushing faster and faster inside of Nicki.
Dri-i-i-i-i-zzy Drake, Drizzy Fucking Drake” screamed Nicki as she reached her climax again.
            The two of them lay out on Nicki’s bed starring at the celling. Nicki broke the silence.
“Drake, you know we can’t tell anyone about this, right?” asked Nicki.
“Yeah, I know Nic. I wasn’t gonna tell anyone anyways” reassured Drake.
“Okay” smiled Nicki as she leaned over and kissed Drake’s cheek before going into the bathroom and cleaning up. She came out wrapped in a towel and Drake walked into the bathroom upon Nicki’s departure. Nicki came out in a new big t-shirt, no bra, and just a thong. She climbed into her bed and lay down. Drake came out of the bathroom fully clothed.
“You’re more than welcome to stay the night” said Nicki.
“I don’t have any clothes” replied Drake.
“I’m sure I have some of your things here” mocked Nicki.
“No seriously, I have plenty of t-shirts men use. Use one of those and your boxers and go to bed!” yelled Nicki.
            Drake finished dressing and climbed into Nicki’s bed on the far end just in case Safaree were to come home he didn’t want to start any commotion. The 2 soon fell asleep in Nicki’s big bed.
            Ah :x After this I think I’ma lay off on the sex scenes a bit. Lmao. So, what did you think? Aren’t they so cute? Lol. I love writing about Icki Dricki. Oh, and most importantly should I make a fourth part to this? I was strongly considering it. But idk. Let me know what you think!  But anyways, comment!


  1. -_- How old is yo arse making this sexualized scene lmaooo this was a bomb ass chapter those pls continue this story it's actually entertaining and i wanna see how far they go, like will they get into a relationship or just be fuck buddies lmaooo k... good chpt saki!

    1. *runs* I know things ^_^__^_^_^ but thank you!

  2. I love EVERYTHING bout this story! And Yas you should make a fourth part. Great Chapt! :)